Being involved in The Parks Church should not be the goal of our lives. But if we submit to King Jesus, we will seek after his Kingdom, which begins with God’s redeemed people in the Church. We need one another to grow in our faith and practice and to be the people he calls us to be. 




What is the TPC Growth Track?

Because God begins his project of restoration in the Church, we believe that partnering with a local church is essential to living the Christian life faithfully. In community we can receive and share love and wisdom, joys and sorrows, correction and encouragement. Discipleship, the process of practicing the way of Jesus, occurs with other imperfect people whom God is transforming by his Spirit.

The TPC Growth Track, through several Sunday morning classes, provides an avenue for you to learn about the culture of The Parks Church, connect with others, and partner with us for the glory of God.


The Parks 101 | Intro

Intro to The Parks shares a broad view of our background, vision, and structure for those who desire to learn more about and grow in fellowship with The Parks. Questions are welcome!

This class is a prerequisite for The Parks 102: Culture


The Parks 102 | Culture

Every church expresses its convictions through specific language and practices. Culture to The Parks breaks down what we often say and what we regularly do in order to clarify how we seek to be a faithful demonstration of God’s church and in order to encourage and prepare people to partner with TPC.

This class is a prerequisite for The Parks 103: Covenant Partnership


The Parks 103 | Covenant Partnership

The best way biblically to engage in the life of the church is to partner with a local congregation. In the Covenant Partnership class, we’ll explain the importance of partnership and what this looks like at TPC. At the conclusion of each Covenant Partnership class, an elder will follow-up with each person/family to complete partnership.



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The most intimate context for Christian discipleship belongs to the family. The daily rhythms of the family profoundly shape the beliefs and desires of both parents and children. Ideally, parents are establishing households which seek God and his Kingdom not only in words but also in deeds and habits. However, this is not always an easy task; sincere Christian parents can still struggle!

Through our family ministries, we seek to strengthen parents for this unique task of discipleship and supplement their efforts. These ministries cannot replace family discipleship for parents who wish to see their children become independently dependent on God, but we believe that a family which fully integrates into the life of The Parks will be well supported to see this goal come to fruition.

TPC LITTLES | Ages 0 - 5

Photo Aug 12, 10 44 26 AM (1).jpg

TPC Littles exists to partner with parents in making disciples of our littlest ones. It’s never too early to introduce a little heart to the life-altering love of Jesus. Each Sunday in both services, babies and toddlers ages 0-5 will be looked after, prayed for, and led through a time of age-appropriate worship and biblical teaching.

Nursing mothers may access the family room on the balcony level (room 317) during either service without missing worship.

TPC BIGS | K - 6th


TPC Bigs exists to partner with parents in making disciples of our children. Each Sunday in both services, kids grades K-6th worship together by singing, playing games, laughing at Pastor Eric (a lot!), and being taught from the same biblical text the adults learn in their service. Your kids will love this time!

We encourage parents to bring their elementary age children into the main service to worship as a family once a month. Our children are learning how to love Jesus by watching us love Jesus. 

TPC STUDENTS | 7th - 12th


TPC Students exists to see the Gospel transform students into world-changing followers of Jesus Christ. We gather weekly to worship God, dive into the Scriptures, and develop community. This is a time to celebrate what God has done, is doing, and what He will continue to do in our students’ lives.

If you’d like to get involved with TPC Students, we encourage you to contact our student pastor, AJ Durr.


Join TPC Students on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm

The Flour Mill
501 E. Virginia Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75069



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Community Groups

Whether in groups organized by the church or in the relationships we organically form, we need community to flourish in our spiritual lives. Our yearly rhythm includes a time of intentional Community Groups to facilitate this togetherness (coming again spring 2020!), but it also includes a season of focused prayer as a whole congregation at our Mid-Week Prayer Service. To counter the busyness of our culture, we also incorporate periods of rest from extra gathered events and encourage people to build community by welcoming one another into their homes and sharing, eating, and worshiping together to the glory of God.



TPC Ladies exists to build a community of disciple-making women who are satisfied in Jesus. We are committed to loving the Lord with our hearts, mind, and strength. Our yearly rhythm includes spring and fall Bible studies where we work line-by-line through a book of the Bible together.

In the summer months we usually gather for a casual time of community and prayer. Each Fall brings around our Gather event where we get away for one evening to share dinner, worship, and listen to teaching in the Word. Interspersed throughout our calendar are smaller events, such as our Glean Collective series where one Parks lady teaches the rest of us a particular creative skill.

We encourage everyone to get connected by joining a Group. Check the calendar for details on all upcoming Events.


Photo Apr 11, 7 49 02 PM.jpg

TPC Men strives to equip men to follow Jesus faithfully in all areas of their lives. We accomplish this through study of the Word, prayer, and accountability in the context of real, deep relationships with other men who have been transformed be gospel.

We encourage everyone to get connected by joining a Group and finding a place to serve. Check the calendar for details on all upcoming Events.


The decade or so after high school can be a particularly challenging time. Young adults are making choices about colleges and careers, learning how to make and sustain friendships post-school, and in general establishing themselves as capable, responsible individuals. It's easy to feel disconnected from the life of the church (which, let's be honest, often centers around kids and families) during this time of transition.

TPC Young Adults seeks to bridge this divide by helping those in this unique stage of life to walk well into adulthood. That will happen, we believe, as we learn to practice the way of Jesus in community with each other as young adults and with the church as a whole.



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Serving, both gathered at the church and scattered outside the church, is one of the best ways to connect at The Parks Church. More importantly, we serve following the life of Jesus, who “came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).



Whether on Sunday morning, Wednesday night, or any other time The Parks meets together, volunteers are needed. It takes a community of people to set up and tear down, welcome visitors, sing with kids, and mentor students among many other roles.

By serving in these areas, we demonstrate our love for one another and move away from consumeristic, “me”-centered models of church.



As we witness to the goodness of God outside of church gatherings, we serve others in our homes and at our jobs. But we also find that to combat the effects of sin, other ministries and nonprofits need our service.

See our Initiatives page to learn more about how we partner with other organizations and ministries to serve the common good.