We are God’s people partnering in the establishment of his Kingdom, for his glory, under the rule of Jesus Christ. We embody the Kingdom individually and corporately by sharing the good news of Jesus’ reign and by serving the common good. Join us for our Sunday gathering.



Who is the King?

The King has arrived, and his name is Jesus! He is a good and merciful King who has paid the penalty of our sin by giving up his own life so that we can be sons and daughters of God. This Creator King is expanding his reign over the entire earth, holding all things within his control. It is our delight to submit our loyalty and hope to his just reign.

What is the Kingdom?

Although sin, chaos, and death characterize this world, God’s perfect Kingdom is filled with righteousness and life. As Jesus’ rule advances in those he has redeemed from sin, the Church, he patiently instills the values of this Kingdom within us. His Spirit nurtures us in love and peace, beauty and truth, mercy and healing, humility and faithfulness, unity and diversity. Until that day when God ushers all of creation into his Kingdom, those who love the King eagerly long for Earth to be as it is in Heaven.

Why the Common Good?

Before King Jesus saved us, we were a people broken and controlled by our sin. Now that we have been freed by him and immersed in the values of his Kingdom, we pursue the common good of society by promoting peace and justice, serving faithfully in our everyday lives, and calling people to Jesus. God’s original intention of wholeness is being realized on the Earth! He is making all things new!



We believe the Holy Spirit, moving through dedicated families and individuals who were hungry to see Jesus reign on earth as in heaven, has built this local church. Our story is not unlike many other faithful churches, but remembering how we began allows us to continue faithfully on.




The gospel is the heart of the Christian message. Literally, “gospel” means “good news.” But good news about what? It’s the good news that God did for us what we could not do for ourselves – He saved us. The Gospel is God’s great narrative of history and can be understood by looking at creation, curse, cross, and consummation.


God created a good world; everything was in perfect order as it should have been, ruled by the Sovereign Lord. Man and woman had uninterrupted communion with God himself, knowing and being known by him fully.


But our first parents (Adam and Eve) rebelled against God and brought sin and death and corruption into the world by their disobedience. They could no longer stay in communion with God, and their relationship with one another would suffer as well. This is the state all humans find themselves in: They are spiritually dead, unable to do anything to restore their relationship with God – inhabiting a world marked by injustice, fighting, and suffering. Humans are under a curse.


Jesus is fully God and fully man. He came to earth, lived perfectly, and willingly offered himself on the cross as our substitute, absorbing the full curse of our sin on our behalf. His sacrifice and resurrection inaugurated his kingdom and granted us his identity – to become sons and daughters of God, enjoying communion with God once more. This comes to pass on account of Jesus’ work alone, not our own.


One day Jesus will return and fully remove sin’s penalty, power, and presence from the earth. The devastating curse will finally be lifted. His return will usher in the final reversal of the curse brought upon the earth and her inhabitants by man’s sin. Humans will enjoy full communion with God for eternity, living with him in a perfectly ordered and restored heaven and earth.



God calls every Christian into the same vocational ministry: to live as redeemed people in his Kingdom, witnessing to his glory and grace. Our staff and leadership are committed to equip the saints for this ministry (Eph 4:12) as faithfully as they can.



Supremacy of God

There is one God: infinite, eternal, almighty, and perfect in holiness, truth, and love who created all things and is above all things. In the unity of the godhead there are three co-equal persons– Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sufficiency of the Scriptures

We accept the Bible, including the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament, as the written Word of God. The Bible is the only essential and infallible record of God’s self-disclosure. It leads us to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


God made man – male and female – in his own image, as the crown of creation, that man might have fellowship with him. As image bearers, all humans have inherent worth and dignity bestowed by God.


Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s first decision to rebel against God. Their relationship with God and with each other was fractured, putting the entire earth and every human under a curse.


Jesus Christ came to earth to pay the penalty of sin on man’s behalf, restoring humanity to relationship with God the Father and reversing the curse of sin in the world.

The Church

The Church is the community of God’s redeemed people on earth, existing to worship and glorify God and to serve him by faithfully doing his will in the earth.

The Consummation

Jesus Christ will one day return to earth to restore all things to himself and lift the penalty, power, and presence of sin once and for all.



For a more detailed account of our beliefs, read the complete TPC Statement of Faith. For position papers, visit our Articles section.